June 21, 2017

What the Watergate Committee Taught Me

Lowell P. Weicker – The New York Times:

In President Richard Nixon’s efforts to hide the truth of the Watergate burglary, it was paramount to stop the F.B.I. investigation. So the president enlisted the C.I.A. director and his deputy to intercede. When the F.B.I. director pushed back and the intelligence officers refused to continue the White House scheme, the cover-up began its slow unraveling.

Weicker, the sole remaining member of the Senate Watergate Committee, pens a brief comparison of the scandal of his days, and of ours.

Laws are nothing if not enforced. Those who break them must be held to account. For that we need a judge. And for a president that begins with an impeachment committee.

Do not sit idly by when such is commissioned in the days ahead. Contact your Congressmen and Senators and advocate for the truth. Your country and its Constitution demand it.

#trump #impeachment


  1. Mueller is looking into Trump's library fines from high school...

  2. I've noticed a cultural trend. For some reason, when you decide that you hate Trump, you let it seep into every other thought process. It's not a good thing. Because it diminishes your actual ideas.

    1. I just came across these today. You misunderstand.

      I don't hate Trump. He's never been or claimed to be anything other than who he appears to be, who he appeared to be well before he got into the primary race, and who he appeared to be decades ago.

      I'm angered and ashamed at what he represents: that a shyster such as him sits in the office held by truly great men, and that millions of Americans were either ignorant of or willing enough to overlook his admitted and unadmitted failings. Misogyny, racism, xenophobia, nationalism, and bigotry are unacceptable in contemporary western culture. So says the majority. Trump's supporters, those not yet realizing they've been suckered, will either wake up to those truths when they hit home for them, or remain embittered at his loss of office. Either by removal, by resignation, or by the next election, he's going.

      Those are my thoughts, undiminished.


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