August 23, 2017

James Clapper Questions Trump’s Fitness

Rachel Chason – The Washington Post:

“I really question his ability to be — his fitness to be — in this office,” Clapper told CNN’s Don Lemon early Wednesday morning. “I also am beginning to wonder about his motivation for it — maybe he is looking for a way out.”

I’ve wondered about Trump’s mindset since he won election. It must feel terrific to win the highest office, but the day after brings with it the realization that there’s nothing but four years of hard work ahead. That’s a huge comedown for someone who, clearly, has never held policy ideas for American governance. Donald Trump has never been the politically capable, governing type.

So my speculation runs, as does Clapper’s, to how Trump would look to extricate himself from the office he won, or if he’d be removed by others. It looks like a combination of both: if he acts reckless enough he might end up being removed under amendment 25, article 4 of the Constitution of the United States.

He’d still have to answer for anything Bob Mueller uncovers in Trump’s pre-inauguration activities. There’s a rich, deep trove there.

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  1. Dream on, cuz. Dream on....
    You sound like me in 2009 with Obama....

  2. The comparison of Trump to any president since at least FDR is laughable. To any other president, really.

  3. Only Lincoln was more vilified by the Media. They too questioned Lincoln's intelligence and compared him to an ape. Look it up. I'm not equivocating Trump and Lincoln by any means. Trump has to contend with the Deep State, a tall order in itself. Right now the Deep State is still very much in charge.

    Lincoln could at least somewhat steer the GOP. If Trump did half of what Lincoln did in terms of deporting enemies, locking people up who disagreed with him, suspending Habeus Corpus, etc., Trump would be instantly impeached and removed from Office. The Media/Alt-Left/DNC have portrayed Trump as an Emmanuel Goldstein from Orwell's 1984. Instead of "Two Minutes of Hate" we have "24 x 7 of Hate" by the Media against Trump.

  4. You give Trump too much credit. He's never been anything more than a shyster. He has no agenda of his own. He blew the one he borrowed from the GOP to win the nomination by picking the wrong items to champion first. Trump blows with the wind, collecting luchre as he goes.

    He's not a politician, a conservative, a reactionary, a liberal, a progressive, a socialist, a communist, or of any other ideology besides his own. He is not in office to "drain the swamp." He and his ilk ARE the swamp, though more of the business variety than the political.

    As for the rest of what you wrote, it sounds more like excuse-making for the obvious disaster Trump is for the Republican party and the nation. The only "deep state" is the two-million civil servants who do the business of government at the direction of mid- and high-level managers, who take their cues from political appointee policymakers. In other words, worker bees and their management. The only significant counter (antifa is not significant, they barely rate media coverage beyond the local police blotter) to Trumpism will come from Bob Mueller's team and Congress. Trump has little defense against what they'll bring, because Trump has been dirty for a long time. We don't even need to argue it, we can just wait for the indictments to roll in over the next year or so.


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