February 21, 2011

Apple Stops Selling Macbook Pros

From 9to5Mac:
You can no longer get your hands on a MacBook Pro from the Apple online store until after the refresh expected to be on Thursday this week.
This will be the occasion for "the switch." It's time for a laptop replacement for me, and a scheme for rotating my existing machines to other tasks is planned. All that remains is the question, Pro or Air?

I can't leave old machines unused or purposeless. I need a sound, reasoned plan for how the old equipment will be further used. There's no reason to buy something new if the old machine can't be moved to another task, disassembled and re-purposed in part, or completely scrapped due to age, ill repair or obsolescence.

In this case, the Thinkpad will rotate up to my office to provide a telework, printing and scanning workstation. A pair of USB display adapters will make it an expansive, three-monitor environment for software development, test, ERAM adaptation and database work. The existing (old) Dell laptop will cycle out to our business, where it will become a vpn server and remote access desktop. That allows us to use point-of-sale and accounting software on the local network from elsewhere without disturbing sales machine use. Our existing vpn server here at the house will likely be scrapped, its 1-terabyte hard drives added to a pair of Drobo FS net attached storage arrays. Not sure what I'll do with its other drives, motherboard and case.

Having made the decision to abandon the Windows world, and further to dive in at this point, this week will begin the final decision-making between the second-generation Macbook Air and the forthcoming Macbook Pro. Yes, I sweat blood from my eyeballs before making a significant purchase. It's never easy, but usually satisfying when completed.