February 28, 2011

∴ The Switch: Doing the Homework, or, Due Diligence

From Cult of Mac:

AppleCare Gives Up As MacBook Air Video Problems Persist

Late 2010-MacBook Airs suffered from video display problems right out of the gate. Usually related to waking the machine from a sleep state, the 11-inch and 13-inch LCD would show a flickering, distorted screen and freeze when the lid was lifted. Re-sleeping and re-waking, or re-booting the machine altogether would temporarily resolve the problem. Apple distributed three software fixes to customers, largely resolving this nagging issue. Now comes word that it persists for some when they hook up to an external display.

I rarely connect a personal laptop to an external display. The machine exists to sit in my lap at home and go with me on the road. I can't say that the machine's persistent video issues would be a problem for me, but being on the front side of buy a new machine it gives me pause.

I'm already leaning toward the 13-inch MacBook Pro. This pushes me a little further in that direction. I hate to give up the slim, light form of the Air, and its higher-resolution display, but the Pro offers incrementally more in almost all categories and doesn't exhibit this video problem. Another plus for the Pro.