March 4, 2011

Apple and Your Media, a Follow-up

From 9To5Mac:
According to Bloomberg, Apple is currently in negotiations with major music labels regarding some major enhancements they are planning to bring to iTunes by mid-2011. These enhancements are said to focus around an “unlimited” download approach
The potential changes, that Apple is working on with Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group Corp., and EMI Group Ltd, would also allows users to re-download songs, on the same Apple ID account, on multiple devices.
As it stands today, you'd have to pay multiple times to download the same song to multiple mobile devices. That won't work if Apple wants you to keep all your content in their cloud. This negotiation is about gaining license to pay once (when you buy at the iTunes store) and download (stream) forever. It would eliminate the need for storage on the device in order to keep music playback free.