March 28, 2011

Apple's Computing Future

Business Insider reports that Apple has set their next Worldwide Developer's Conference for June 6-10 this year. Why is this notable for the average Apple product user?

WWDC is the annual conference where the company usually releases the next version of iOS, the iPhone and iPad operating system, and talks up the future of their Mac operating system. This year, however, it appears to be the venue for discussing the long-anticipated convergence of the two technologies. Phil Schiller, Apple senior VP:

At this year’s conference we are going to unveil the future of iOS and Mac OS.

Apple revolutionized the mobile market, first with the iPhone and then the iPad, while continuing a line of traditional desktop and laptop machines. That tease will kick off two months of rabid speculation and rumor about how they will come together. This will become the most-anticipated presentation of the year by the time June rolls around.