March 22, 2011

∴ The Circle Begins to Close

I'm in North Carolina this week, at an odd crossroads of my life. It's a common enough one. My mom will undergo a simple outpatient surgery tomorrow (Wednesday) and, for the first time in either of our lives, I will be taking care of her.

It is cliche to recount the care provided by a parent to a growing child. Not being a parent myself I can only suppose it to be a thankless job. I mean, how many times does a child actually turn and say, "Thank you?" So this visit will be another form of that; a first, very small repayment of kindness from long ago.

From start to finish, the events should take no more than a half-day and we should return home before dinner. Kelly sent me off this morning with a fresh lasagna for this week's evening meals, and there's plenty of other food in the house for the rest. My sister and her family arrive Friday evening, and I head back to Virginia Saturday morning. It won't be a long visit, and my mom will likely not be a helpless patient. Six weeks of recovery, a couple of doctor visits and it's all history. In fact, this might be the easiest lifting I'll ever do in this regard.

It gets me thinking, though, about the future. It was around my fortieth birthday that I started reflecting on the impending second half of my life. In this brief regard it looks a bit like a mirror of the first half, going the other way. There are many more years together ahead for my family. This just gives me reason to pause and think on these things.