March 25, 2011

∴ Dish Network: Martini Time

I was tuning through the available music channels on my mom's satellite receiver and came across an interesting choice. Called Martini Time, the channel plays 1950s lounge music by the likes of Mel Torme, Frank Sinatra, and lots of instrumentals. I love this music. I can almost see Bill Bixby and Hugh Hefner sitting at a lounge table, sipping drinks and making smart remarks.

It reminds me of a really cool lounge we visited with my sister and her then-boyfriend in Madison, Wisconsin years ago, which was attached to a dinner theater. The place was fairly large and had a super, ovaline bar shaped like a dropped noodle, weaving back and forth around its circumference. Scattered around the walls were luxuriously upholstered couches and cocktail tables and chairs, and the place was carpeted in a dark weave. Fancy wall sconces lit the edges of the room while subdued lighting handled the main areas. The bartenders were dressed properly, in white collared shirt with arm garters and bow tie. They professionally mixed drinks and served them with a flair. The other customers were well-dressed, having come from a show in the theater. It was quite an enjoyable visit, the drinks were tasty and I kept a lasting fond memory of the place.

When I found this satellite music channel I was instantly transported back to that lounge and have enjoyed listening to it during my visit here this week. I'll be heading back to Virginia tomorrow morning. My sister and her family arrive tonight, my mom is well on her way to recovering from the surgery and Kelly is getting ready for a three-night shop owner's retreat in West Virginia beginning Sunday. I have puppy dogs to care for back home.