March 23, 2011

End of a Sporting Life

Dave Duerson committed suicide last month. The medical examiner's scene report was released today, and includes a clinical and heartbreaking description of the end of a life. It's not the end anyone would have expected years ago, when Duerson was in his prime. From Deadspin:
The final scene in his apartment is probably the worst thing we can picture for our athletes: dead, in bed, surrounded by his medals and certificates. In his closet, his trophies and awards, and football helmets from his three different teams. Folded neatly at the head of his bed, an American flag.
Duerson had complained of mental impairment in the years since he left the NFL. I wonder how many more of these stories we'll hear in the coming years, as attention increasingly turns towards the long-term effects of all those hard hits. Click through for the actual ME report.