March 1, 2011

∴ Happy Birthday to Us

Kelly called me on my way to work this morning, to remind me that on this day six years ago we opened our doors for business at Kelly Ann's Quilting. We had both forgotten and it was only after she received a note from one of our customers that Kelly realized, today is our sixth anniversary.

Neither of us had much business knowledge when we decided to go into business. Kelly had worked in the banking industry for a number of years, so was closest to knowing what she was doing, and I had worked in government for nearly two decades and had zero business sense. Somehow, by applying common sense, reading a lot, and taking emotion and whim out of the equation, we managed to create a business that profited from the start.

Kelly has been the managing partner in our business all along, running the day-to-day operations, buying, selling, hiring, while I've spent the time installing and maintaining our technology tools, handling our web presence, newsletter publication, and later, sewing machine repair on the weekend. Each year she has managed to find some new avenue for our business, expanding and enriching what we offer our customers. The greatest compliment I hear is when a new customer expresses how our store is a welcoming, homey place to shop. That was Kelly's vision six years ago. It's been a great education and has given both of us a deep appreciation for what a business owner must go through to simply keep the doors open and comply with regulation.

Here's to another six successful years!