March 28, 2011

Hollywood Comes To Warrenton (where?)

J. Edgar parking sign

Clint Eastwood's next film, J. Edgar, will be filming on-location in Warrenton, Virginia today. Warrenton is our nearest town, and the home of our shop. The film stars Leo DiCaprio and Naomi Watts, so who knows, maybe one or both of them will be on-hand.

Signs went up yesterday telling extras and crew where to park. Traffic, parking and pedestrians, always a challenge in Warrenton, will be a mess today. Our courthouse, conveniently located in the middle of the old town's traffic pattern, is the shooting location.

J. Edgar Courthouse

This is the second film to shoot in the area since we moved here. There was a thirty-second scene in Rules of Engagement (2000) where Tommy Lee Jones was driving down a country road (Vint Hill Road) and Kelly and I both recognized it right away. Should be a hoot to see the center of our town in this movie next year.

I was toying with the idea of heading in to town to see what's what, but I suspect there will be crowds all around the location. I might get to see the back of someone's head if I'm lucky. And it's cold today. Guess I'm staying home.

(pictures courtesy Pablo Teodoro (Facebook) without permission. I'm like that, ya know.)