March 2, 2011

iPad 2

Apple debuted their second-generation iPad today, and Steve Jobs was on-hand to make the introduction. The new features worth mentioning are:
  • 33% thinner, much lighter at 1.3 pounds
  • much faster processor and graphics, but same battery life
  • available in black or white
  • works on both AT&T and Verizon Wireless 3G networks
  • same prices as the first iPad
  • includes HDMI-out to directly feed a hi-def tv
  • super new cover, attaches and aligns with a magnetic hinge. Auto-wake when opened, auto-sleep when closed. Removes in a second. Folds back to become a wedge for propping the device in portrait or landscape mode. Ten colors, 5 in polyurethane, 5 in leather. Very thin.
  • new version of iOS (4.3), adds a personal hotspot to iPhone 4
  • two cameras, one facing forward for FaceTime video chat, one facing backward for, um, taking pictures. With a tablet.
  • a couple of new Apple-developed apps: iMovie ($4.99) for editing your self-recorded videos and GarageBand ($4.99) for creating music with multiple instruments and tracks. You'll be blown away at what you can do with these tools, for so little money.
The size, processor bump and covers are tasty updates. Not revolutionary, but evolutionary. I think I'll hang onto my first-generation iPad, though there may be an iPad 2 in Kelly's future.