March 9, 2011

∴ Lebanese Dining in Rural Virginia

We had lunch at a Lebanese restaurant today. That's not remarkable in a metropolitan area, or even a busy suburb. It's something we've waited for in our rural area for a long time, though.

The area around today's dining spot was thick with woods when we moved here thirteen years ago. Just a couple of minutes off the Interstate highway west of Washington, DC, Gainesville was far west of the well-populated Fairfax county. (We live even further.) The area was home to not much more than McDonald's, Wendy's and the relative newcomer, Subway. Nearby Warrenton, our closest town, was no better. We thought nothing of hopping in the car and driving forty-five minutes east to find good dining. Thai, Indian, you name it, Fairfax had it.

What a difference a decade has made. There are Japanese, Vietnamese and Afghan dining establishments in the same shopping area where we found the Lebanese restaurant. We've sampled two so far. There's even been a Thai restaurant in Warrenton for about five years, and a pair of fine dining spots, and a comfortable bistro serving Virginia-produced foods, beers and wines.

We used to live in the middle of nowhere. It's beautiful, it was largely outside the crush of DC commuter traffic, but short on interesting dining options. Now that the traffic has found us, fortunately good food has, too.