March 29, 2011

My Hero

I've been a fan of John Gruber's for a while. He blogs about Apple, design, technology and the culture that grows up around those subjects. He began his blog nine years ago and today stands at the top of the Apple blog pile. As Silicon Valley Insider reports, his blog has just hit its first 4-million pageview month, with over 700,000 unique visitors.

Gruber is a great example of the new kind of one-man, self-publishing empire, made possible by the advent of free/cheap publishing tools, inexpensive web hosting, and advertisers that will pay for influence, and not just mass "reach."


The rate card for his weekly sponsorship is now $5,500 -- $286,000 a year if it sells out at full price. And he still runs a single display ad via The Deck network. All told, he could potentially be approaching a $400,000 revenue run-rate, if not more.

Great work at a dream job.