March 5, 2011

∴ The Switch: Choice

Last time I checked in on the subject, I had eliminated the 11-inch MacBook Air from my buying decision, and expressed reservations about the 13-inch model. I really liked the slim, light design of each, but there were issues.

Over the years I've hauled a number of laptops to work, home, and on travel. I recall the pain in my shoulder as I trudged through Charlotte Douglas airport with my laptop bag one afternoon, headed to my parents' place in North Carolina. I was carrying a 15-inch Gateway machine at the time. It had a nice display, brighter than most portables of its day. At 8 and a half pounds, though, that machine was a brick. A few bricks. At 2.3 and 2.9 pounds, carrying either of the Air twins would be a world away from that experience.

This will be my main machine, though. The 11-inch model carries a nicely-high resolution screen, but its overall dimensions are smaller than those of my Thinkpad. I don't want to be restricted that much. The delight of small size would give way to the constraint of small size.

The 13-inch Air is tasty, but its direct competition is the 13-inch Pro. It loses that battle. The Pro has a significantly more capable main processor. It has an equally-fast graphics processor. It sports the new Thunderbolt port. (I call it the Thunderhole). Its native display resolution is nearly as high. It has room for double the memory, and it provides room for a little project I'll write about soon. And it's only about a pound and a half heavier than the 13-inch Air.

So it'll be a 13-inch MacBook Pro for me, please. 128 GB solid-state drive. 4 GB main memory, and I'll bump that to eight gigabytes with a side-purchase and crack the case myself.

Hey, I even get a $100-discount, just 'cause Steve likes my face. What a guy.