April 11, 2011

Google, Bing, Yahoo!

Who'd have thought things so comically named would be so important?

Anyway. Here's a bit of news, courtesy of Mashable:

Microsoft has secured 30% of the search market, largely at Google’s expense, according to data from Experian Hitwise.

The new March numbers claim that Microsoft achieved 30.01% of the U.S. search market share in March — 14.32% from Bing.com and 15.69% from Yahoo Search, which Bing now powers.

Here's the thing: I've tried Bing on multiple occasions, most recently on a newly-installed copy of Windows and Internet Explorer. The important thing, the only thing, is that I didn't get a useable result from Bing, but I did from Google. On the first results page. Near the top. But not the very top, in the paid results. In other words I found what I was looking for with Google, but not Bing.

Do you use Bing? Does it work for you? Because Bing doesn't work for me, never has, and I'm wondering how they've glommed onto 30% of the search market with the product they offer.