April 11, 2011

∴ Running With the Deer

Today is a very warm spring day in Virginia, with temperatures reaching the upper eighties. It's almost like summer here. Yesterday was cooler, but I had a neat experience that made the cool, well, more cool than today.

I was out for a run on one of our local roads, a narrow farm road that winds through the trees and fields before descending to flats through yet more farmer's fields. As I ran alongside trees I was mildly startled to see a pair of white-tailed deer, themselves startled by me and looking my way. They ran as I did, but through thick underbrush that hindered their progress, slowing them to a speed more like mine. They were just a couple of yards within the wood, and for a few seconds, a brief interval of my run, I was running alongside deer.

I'm not a particularly fast runner, average at best and slower in the past year or so than in years past. I don't feel quick on my feet, settling for a slower, but longer run when I go out. So the bit of time I spent running alongside a pair of deer was a treat.

They eventually stopped, then one ran deeper into the wood as the other gazed at me, running by. My run with the deer was over, and I hustled on down the road.

Kinda cool.