April 24, 2011

Unpleasant Fact

Seth Godin’s latest blog entry is an unpleasant, and brief, meditation on the state of unease overtaking many Americans.

New polling out this week shows that Americans are frustrated with the world and pessimistic about the future. They’re losing patience with the economy, with their prospects, with their leaders (of both parties).

What’s actually happening is this: we’re realizing that the industrial revolution is fading. The 80 year long run that brought ever-increasing productivity (and along with it, well-paying jobs for an ever-expanding middle class) is ending.

His thesis: the dream of an easy middle class lifestyle is over. The 9-to-5, Monday to Friday, evenings and weekends in the ‘burbs with the kids and all-is-well that many knew from their parents and friend’s parents growing up. I don’t know whether or not I agree with him, but I know the unease is out there. So is unemployment.

Give it a read. Does he target you? Are you (or were you) truly well-paid for following instructions? Are you still? Is the “dream” too much to ask for anymore?

Or are you a creative type? An entrepreneur? And are you well-paid for that?