April 1, 2011

Windows Rumors Begin

While Apple products routinely generate fervent rumor-mongering, Microsoft products rarely do likewise. It's probably the secrecy surrounding Apple's future product line-up, and their executive's consistent refusal to mention anything beyond what they're discussing that day that fosters a speculative atmosphere in geekland. Today brings an interesting Windows rumor, for a change.

According to BGR, Windows 8 might be released with a display akin to the new-ish Windows Phone interface. Widely praised for its simplicity and ease of use, the Windows Phone UI puts the most commonly checked items, like unread message count, right on the initial screen. One glance and you know what's waiting for your attention. No navigating to an app to check its status.

The coming operating system, which will seemingly be designed for tablets as much as it will be designed for desktop and laptop computers, will likely stray from Microsoft’s current Windows UI, but exactly how it might stray is unknown. Tech blog GeekSmack claims to have uncovered several hints in a very early build of Microsoft’s Windows 8 that points to the possibility of an alternate tile-based UI of some kind.

There are a few screen shots of the system registry from a very early Windows 8 build at the BGR link. This rumor is at the geek level, but it hints at interesting possibilities for all Windows users in the next year or so. Windows might get interesting again!