May 29, 2011

∴ Facebook Comments

I've decided to experiment with the newer Facebook Comments plugin here on Bazinga Journal. This blog is published through Blogger, which has its own commenting system, but I chose to use the Facebook plugin instead.

Facebook's commenting system fulfills one critical requirement: I can exclude comments from anonymous posters. Nothing cuts down on inane, aggressive and pointless comments like requiring the poster to use his or her own real name. Whatever they have to say, they own it, no hiding from it.

The poster's name comes from his or her Facebook account. The code for the comment box comes from Facebook, and they handle user authentication. I just host the box and its contents.

The hosted comment box is fully integrated with Facebook itself, in fact, it's the same comment system used on Facebook. Comments not only appear under my blog article, but back on the commenter's Facebook wall and news feed, as well (uncheck the box when leaving a comment to defeat that). The commenter's Facebook friends may be drawn into the conversation depending on how the commenter has his or her privacy settings configured.

I'll keep an eye on the comments, if I get any, and exercise editorial control over them as I do over my posted writing. We'll see how it goes.