May 12, 2011

∴ Greetings From SLC

Our experiment in wifi-connected flight ended here Tuesday morning, under clouds and gloom. Salt Lake City is not known for rain, but its residents enjoyed a few days of wet this past week.

After a bit of food shopping with Kenning and a stop at the wine shop we were back at his place for an evening of cocktails, fine dining, good wine and chuckles. His house is a small, craftsman-style bungalow set upon the first foothill of the Wasatch Mountains. The neighborhoods here are serviced by rear alleys, eliminating the gaping maws of garage after garage. SLC neighborhoods tend to be walkable, orderly affairs with a growing number of xeriscaped yards among the otherwise tidy green carpet lawns. It's a short hike uphill to the University of Utah.

A Lemon Drop for the lady and Vespers for us served as refreshment while Kenning cooked dinner. Vacations or a weekend afternoon are always a good time to enjoy a cocktail early, before dinner ideas begin to cloud the picture. Ours came about today after a nice walk through the neighborhood and around a local cemetery.

The Lemon Drop was notable, it's the first one I've gotten right since switching the sweetener from table sugar to agave nectar. Sweeter than sugar, it imparts a mild honey-like flavor and must be used sparingly. I've settled on an exchange of a half-measure of agave nectar for one-measure of simple syrup. If you're looking for an alternative to the fructose content of table sugar (and why wouldn't you, after the recent New York Times Magazine article), agave nectar is available in many supermarkets. The Lemon Drop particulars:

  • one part vodka, preferably limón
  • one part Triple-Sec
  • one part fresh-squeezed lemon juice (don't skimp)
  • one-half measure agave nectar

Shake, shake, shake with ice until cold, cold, cold, and serve in a chilled cocktail glass. Kelly enjoyed hers.

Dinner was a delicious lasagna, with red sauce approved-of even by Kelly. (She's a great cook who enjoys the craft of food preparation. And a minor food critic. I said minor.) We enjoyed a fine Cline Mourvedre wine with the food, and a small glass of port to cap the evening. It was a very enjoyable beginning to our visit.

Tomorrow's entertainment: time for a new TV.