May 5, 2011

iPhone Might Get Over-the-Air OS Updates

9To5Mac reports that iOS5, the next version of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch operating system, will possess the ability to update itself over-the-air. Customers would no longer have to plug in their device to get the latest operating system version. Android devices have long had this capability.

If true, this marks the next step away from tethering the iPhone and iPad to a computer. Music may already be purchased over-the-air, or streamed from a number of services. There has also been speculation that Apple will unveil a cloud-based service for storing music, to be streamed directly to user's devices on-demand. Netflix already offers iPhone and iPad users streaming of movie and television content. A number of apps, notably Instacast, allow the user to stream or store audio and video podcasts via Wifi or 3G.