May 4, 2011

New Geek Pastime

Ruminating on what he'd buy from among Apple's current lineup (augmented yesterday by new iMac desktop machines), Marco Arment highlights the latest geek pastime: playing "What would I buy?"

I should really think of the iMac, therefore, more like a laptop — but one that trades its portability and small size for a much larger screen and slightly better hardware. And that doesn’t sound like a very appealing tradeoff, since you can plug laptops into external monitors, and since many iMac owners will still want to own a laptop for portability.

It’s worth thinking about this if you’re considering an iMac purchase: will you still want a laptop? If so, will you be better served by just buying a fast laptop and connecting an external keyboard, mouse, and monitor to it at your desk?

I like his thinking. A MacBook Pro plus a 27-inch Cinema display is the cat's ass. The combo provides a powerful, capable, portable machine with a beautiful, large display for desktop use. I wrote about such a setup here.

Marco can be found here (his blog) and here (his podcast with Dan Benjamin).