May 25, 2011

Senior citizen jailed for growing pot for sick wife

Boing Boing:

“A 69-year-old husband in Ohio grew two backyard marijuana plants to help his wife, who has breast cancer. He was convicted of a felony and sent to jail.”

Dumb, tragic, culturally heinous.

Dumb, because state law intervenes against marijuana, but not the more-abused and more-destructive alcohol.

Tragic, because the one thing this woman needs (after her medical team) is her husband’s love and support. It’s difficult to provide those from jail.

Culturally heinous, because our society values so many objects and practices that are intellectually bankrupt and morally corrupt, yet cannot bring its prudish, neo-Victorian sensibilities to accept simple, straightforward truths. Truths like “you’re going to die, let’s make it easy on you.” Or, “you’re going to suffer greatly this treatment, let’s help you through it.”