May 9, 2011

This Is Kinda Dumb

Cult of Mac reports that Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, ranked third in a list of “engineering heroes,” from a survey of UK undergraduate engineering students.

the Apple CEO has ranked third in a list of Engineering Heroes behind Isambard Kingdom Brunel (creator of the first major British railway) and James Dyson (who makes the world’s best vacuum cleaners bathroom hand dryers).

Jobs beat out Bill Gates, who came in at the number four spot. He also ranked higher than Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Charles Rolls, Henry Royce and Thomas Edison.

Come again? Jobs is a technology visionary, no doubt. An astute businessman, for certain. Newton and Einstein only discovered esoteric aspects of the intrinsic structure of the Universe. The Principia Mathematica. Gravitation. The calculus. Relativity. Small stuff.

And they were all bested by James Dyson, who engineered a very nice vacuum cleaner and hand dryer.

There’s a reason they’re call undergraduates.