May 22, 2011

∴ Union Terminal, Cincinnati

Cincinnati Union Terminal 1We were squired around Cincinnati and environs by our friends today. Their family grew up in nearby Ludlow, Kentucky, and we visited their old neighborhood as well as the big city.

The city boasts several beautiful old buildings, art deco in design and in good repair. It’s also home to several unique neighborhoods, some with terrific views overlooking the Ohio River.

I managed to grab a few shots of Union Terminal with my iPhone, now home to both a train station and multiple museums.

The station was constructed during the initial decline of passenger rail travel. The city had seen decades of need for a consolidated rail terminal, having been served by five separate stations until then. By the time the building opened for passenger service in 1933, though, the need had significantly declined.

Cincinnati Union Terminal 2

The soaring architecture retains its beauty, despite decades of conversion and disuse since the last steam passenger line departed in 1958. Amtrak abandoned the facility in 1972. It has hosted a shopping mall, flea markets, museums and, once again, trains. Amtrak eventually returned, and currently runs three trains per week through Union Terminal.

Cincinnati Union Terminal 3