May 16, 2011

∴ We Fly East

Our trip to SLC is ending as we head east. We're up and away from the Salt Lake valley, headed to Atlanta for a connection to Dulles.

I should know better than to connect in Atlanta, especially at the start of thunderstorm season. Already the weather map (, or the Weather Underground app for iPad) is showing a pocket of pop-up boomers in the Atlanta general area.

We had good, but separate, experiences in SLC. I always enjoy getting together with Kenning. We spent the week mainly hanging out at his place, getting together with friends and eating well. We've managed to keep our friendship going since a chance meeting in sixth grade, some thirty-four years ago. We keep up through email mostly, visiting in person about once a year or so. Old friends are like a pair of worn blue jeans; something to look forward to putting on when you're wearing (or doing) something else. They are a comfort as we age.

Kelly's time was well-spent, as well. She's formed some very good friendships with a handful of other shop owners across the country, and this week was their opportunity to get together and cement those relationships. After talking about her time spent this week, I feel this might be an inflection point in her career as a business owner. Nothing definite, just a feeling. It is so rewarding for me to see her spread her wings and engage as an owner and businesswoman on this level.

Onward to Georgia.