May 21, 2011

∴ Weddin'

We came here to Wilder, Kentucky for a wedding. Tonight was the big event.

As mentioned, a friend's sister wed her long-ago high school sweetheart. The two had drifted apart after high school, he eventually married and fathered five children while she moved about the country, working. They hadn't seen or spoken to each other since the late seventies, until a class reunion brought them together again.

His marriage had ended and she was at loose ends, and one thing lead to another. Tonight they were married by a preacher who had been a classmate of theirs all those years ago. The assembled friends and family filled a small hall for the ceremony, food, beverages and music. And cake. Three layers of cake.

It was a nice, simple affair, and it was very nice to see two people very happy with one another again after all those years. Mazeltov.