May 20, 2011

∴ West, Again

We're heading west again, after just four days at home. A friend's sister is marrying, and we're invited. We decided to drive.

We live on the divide between northern and central Virginia, so we had a minor choice. Head north, into Maryland, then northwest through Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc, then south to Cincinnati, or due west through West Virginia and Kentucky. We picked West Virginia.

Our discovery: there is next to nothing along this route in West Virginia aside from mountains, valleys and the road, at least until we hit Charleston. And then a long line-up of cars behind a wreck, amid the afternoon commute. We're moving again, finally, and thinking about dinner, still three hours from our destination.

I hear Delta runs commuter flights from Dulles to Cincinnati and back, all day long. Maybe we can sell the car in Northern Kentucky and hop a flight home.