June 24, 2011

Ally. Hmm.


“The discovery indicates that Bin Laden used the group, Harakat-ul-Mujahedeen, as part of his support network inside the country, the officials and others said. But it also raised tantalizing questions about whether the group and others like it helped shelter and support Bin Laden on behalf of Pakistan’s spy agency, given that it had mentored Harakat and allowed it to operate in Pakistan for at least 20 years, the officials and analysts said.”

(via BoingBoing).

Oh, surprise, surprise. This NYT article tells us that an intermediary extremist group in Pakistan was perhaps a link between Osama bin Laden and the Pakistani security agency, ISI.

If Pakistan had been a true American ally, as they claimed, it wouldn’t have taken a daring raid to kill and extract the body of OBL. The ISI would have found him and handed him over, because an ally wouldn’t have reason to harbor that known, admitted terrorist murderer, right?