June 22, 2011

Another View on Nokia's N9

Vlad Savov, writing for Engadget:

“And that, dear friends, is why the delights of the N9 lead me to despondency. It’s a terrific phone that’s got me legitimately excited to use it, but its future is clouded by a parent that’s investing its time and money into building up a whole other OS. MeeGo, and in particular its Harmattan variety, looks set to become the unfortunate victim of the cutthroat economics that dominate competition in the smartphone realm today. Which would be a damn shame considering the wonderful concepts it espouses.”

I posted a link to a demo video for the N9 yesterday. And gushed about it. The new smartphone from Nokia is quite nice. Quite a competitor for iPhone, if only for the hardware and OS, not the app store and cloud infrastructure promised for this fall by Apple and lacking from Nokia.

Never mind all that, because Nokia made its bed with Microsoft. They’re switching gears, abandoning in-house OS development in favor of the Windows Phone OS. That OS might be lovely, but it better be damn lovely to achieve what Nokia is ready to deliver in the N9.

Again, a shame.