June 19, 2011

∴ Just Plain Awful

Hideous cat wall hanging

Kelly and I were wandering around a second-hand shop in Culpeper a couple of weeks ago when I came across this travesty. It’s a wall hanging, suspended from a metal rod for display, depicting a card-sharp cat taking his mates’ money.

We’ve all seen these before, usually showing a pack of dogs playing cards. This one, though, included such dismal artistic rendering that I just had to take a picture. It belongs right over the sofa, in a trailer, parked behind mom’s place just outside of town.

I mean, wow. No velvet Elvis ever descended to this depth.

The shop, quite large, had a local AM radio station playing in the background. Walking around the place, looking at the personal treasures for sale and listening to that scratchy AM station with its half-hourly ABC network news blasts was like taking a stroll through 1950s rural Virginia. It was actually kinda fun.

They had a nice collection of cocktail shakers, too. Pricey. These were of the old glass-and-aluminum variety, with drink recipes in black and red paint over a frosted, white glass background, which you don’t find new anywhere, anymore. I found an old cartridge seltzer bottle, too. Not sure if anyone still makes the CO2 cartridges.

I really liked that shop. One corner was devoted to a model train shop, a collection of people’s Lionel and HO-scale trains from years ago. Many of the sets were unopened, from the factory. I wondered how many were Christmas gifts, never enjoyed. The sign read, “if you open it, you bought it.” Viewing the collection was by appointment only. I’d like to wander through that section, too. One of these days.