June 29, 2011

The Network Effect, for Cars

Opel Media:

"If only five of 1,000 cars cooperatively exchange relevant data, this is sufficient to provide a representative picture of traffic flow. This is one of the interim findings of the DIAMANT field test which Opel is presenting at the ACEA congress “Our future mobility now” from June 22 to 25"

(Via Business Insider.)

A clear, rapidly-updated picture of traffic conditions, disseminated to drivers and vehicles by radio or data connection, lets drivers select alternate routes. Traffic congestion is eased or avoided.

With the recent law change in Nevada making auto-driving cars legal in that state, and VW's proposed automated driving technology feeding traffic data to a network, we've reached a starting point of sorts for creating a cooperative, smart network of vehicles. Let's hope the DIAMANT field test results prompt other states, and car makers, to further this trend.