June 21, 2011

Thing Are Looking Up For Next Windows Phone OS

Matt Buchanan, writing about Windows Phone 8 for Gizmodo (via Business Insider):

It feels alive. Everything bounces. Everything swoops. Everything flips. Every single action is lushly animated. It just doesn't sweat the details—blood was spilled. The lock screen isn't a simple shade. It has a sense of weight and gravity; the further up you drag it before you let go, the faster it slams back down (if you don't completely unlock it). It's almost like the phone is happy to be alive. Which kind of makes you feel happy to use it. No other phone is like that.

Not sure I buy the "no other phone..." bit, but it's nice to hear that the upcoming Microsoft competitor to the iPhone and Android devices bears a thoughtfully designed OS.

Not sure what to make of this comment, though:

If anything, I sometimes wonder if Microsoft paid too much attention to the details—the way a conversation thread springs downward when you open one in mail is gorgeous, among a million other effects that shows how much they care—and not quite enough on making sure some of the big ideas worked perfectly

It's a lack of attention to fine ergonomic and style details that has relegated Windows to a utilitarian existence, at best, all these years. That goes doubly for their Windows Mobile operating systems. If nothing else, the news that Microsoft is working in earnest along these lines is refreshing. I'm looking forward to seeing what they produce in Windows Phone 8.