July 27, 2011

Apple Rumors Point to the End of the MacBook Pro Line

Katie Marsal, writing for AppleInsider:

"With Apple's new family of MacBook Airs gaining considerable traction in the marketplace over the past nine months, the company is believed to be working to introduce 15- and 17-inch models with a similar minimalist design to capitalize on the trend towards ultra-mobile computing."

What do ya wanna bet, we've seen the last MacBook Pro models with this past Spring's updates? The rumored 15- and 17-inch MacBook Airs will join the existing 13- and 11-inch models, and that will be the full line of Apple laptops.

The new Mac Mini, sans optical drive, was the clue. The only thing separating the MacBook Pro and the Air models is the optical drive (and a handful of connectors), and with the new Mini Apple has clearly said, "we don't need no stinking optical drive."