July 23, 2011

A Better Way to Migrate to a New Mac

David W. Martin, writing for Cult of Mac:

"Next, I plugged the backup drive into the new 2011 MacBook Air and used Migration Assistant to copy my user accounts, applications, etc. onto the new computer from that drive. In about one and a half hours the migration completed and I was on my way."

This is a great idea for migrating all your stuff to a new Mac. The author used SuperDuper! to create a bootable clone of his old Mac system on an external hard drive, then turned the new machine's Migration Assistant loose on that. Quick and easy, and it leaves the old machine untouched, just in case. Smart.

(I've used SuperDuper! for a couple of years. It's terrific software: simple to use, yet powerful. And its author, Dave Nanian, is an interesting guy. You can catch him on tech podcasts here and there. SuperDuper! is free to try, but consider paying for your copy if you keep using it. It's cheap.)