July 2, 2011

FBI Wiretapped Hemingway

A. E. Hotchner:

“I have tried to reconcile Ernest’s fear of the FBI, which I regretfully misjudged, with the reality of the FBI file,’ writes Hotchner, author of Papa Hemingway and Hemingway and His World. ‘I now believe he truly sensed the surveillance, and that it substantially contributed to his anguish and his suicide.”

(Via Hugh Pickens, on Slashdot.)

Well, wow. Paranoia really doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. Or at least watch you.

Hemingway: inspiration to Kerouac, and the first, I think, to use the phrase “the Earth moved” to describe sex (Maria, For Whom the Bell Tolls). And subversive element, I guess.