July 15, 2011

Ford's Car-To-Car Network

Wolfgang Gruener, writing for ConceivablyTech:

"Ford’s vision is based on vehicles that communicate with each other and exchange data including their location, status and movement. The data communication happens via a combination of GPS (which provides movement and location data of cars) as well as a modified version of the Wi-Fi we use to connect our computers and other computing devices as well as consumer electronics. Ford calls this version short-range Wi-Fi, but, strangely enough, this is everything else but short-range. While your typical Wi-Fi connection is dead after 300 feet, this version reaches across a distance of about half a mile or 800 meters to 1 kilometer, I was told. Ford uses the 5.9 GHz band (defined by the FCC for such applications) and was able to increase the range by throttling the data speed to 6 Mbps and use a 100 mW transmitter"

(Via Slashdot.)

Those self-driving cars will need to know where all the other cars are. This is Ford's version of a car-to-car network.