July 13, 2011

Google Just Slays Me

Dave Neal, writing for The Inquirer:

"The changes were revealed on the Google+ account belonging to the Social Statistics compiler Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten. He explained that some Google+ members could no longer be tracked as they had further closed off their accounts on Tuesday. Interesting that Zuckerberg, the man so happy to gather and share so much of everyone else's data on Facebook, is suddenly so protective over his own.
"Mark Zuckerberg and Google management (Matt Cutts, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Vic Gundotra and Marissa Mayer) all changed their profiles overnight and consequently dropped out of the Google+ top 100 list!", he explained."

Some call this irony, but irony is the use of words, or events in a situation, that convey the opposite of the intended meaning or effect. Calling the very large bouncer at the door "Tiny" is ironic. What we have here is hypocrisy.

Google's upper management have collectively discovered that the social networking service they unveiled last month offers a revealing look into user's activities by default. And they don't like that.

Gonna run right out and sign up for that! Maybe Google should have taken a lesson from The Facebook's privacy issues last year. And the year before. Privacy settings should default to maximal.