July 4, 2011

Vegas, Baby

We arrived on a hazy afternoon yesterday, which was a little odd for Las Vegas. We've been here several times over the years, and this is the first time the air wasn't clear and dry. The oddness continued in the terminal at McCarren airport. The place was a ghost town. Even the usually teeming bag claim area was quiet. And this was at 5pm. We didn't see all that many tourists until we checked into the Mandalay Bay hotel fifteen minutes later. Adding to the oddness, a thunderstorm rolled into the area as we were leaving our room looking for dinner. A stream of pool users swarmed past us and mobbed the elevators, fleeing the huge pool area as rain pelted them and lightning flashed just a half-mile away. We enjoyed drinks and food at Border Grill, watching the thunderstorm. Great mojitos. We'll see what today brings. Maybe the weather was an omen, and we're about to hit the jackpot.