August 8, 2011

First Dreamliner 787 Delivered to All Nippon Airways

Sean Buckley, writing for Engadget:

"After years of delays, hacker vulnerabilities, and technical hiccups, Boeing is finally reaching the finish line -- the 787 Dreamliner is ready. The first of the firm's fantasy flyers was presented to executives of All Nippon Airways this week, scoring ANA a dreamy new jet that promises to increase fuel efficiency by 20 percent when compared to similarly sized birds."

Recall that years ago, Boeing made its bed with a decision to green-light the 787, while Airbus cast its lot with the much larger, longer-haul capable A380. The first A380 was delivered to the inaugural customer, Singapore Airlines, in October, 2007. Four years ago. Let's hope the Dreamliner is everything Boeing created it to be.