August 28, 2011

∴ Thoughts from the Frontline

I've been in the habit of reading a financial and economic newsletter for over a year. The past few months have brought some of the author's best, most illuminating pieces on the contemporary US economy, as well as his US and European investment outlook. His work is well-researched, well-written and useful to anyone with long-term investment goals.

The newsletter is Thoughts from the Frontline, by John Mauldin. You may sign up for it on the front page (top-right) of his web site and enjoy the weekly read. Included in a subscription is his weekly e-letter, Outside the Box, in which Mauldin exposes his readers to other interesting, knowledgable writers. This past week's e-letter included part one of STRATFOR's brief history of the United States, from an economic perspective. I enjoyed a similar monograph a few weeks before that, covering Brazil.

Mauldin's personal politics are right-of-center, but thankfully his writing is clear of any cheerleading. More than once I've read him come down against current conservative orthodoxy. His bias is for making money for his clients by understanding the ebb and flow of world-wide economies.

The newsletter and e-letter are free, and well worth the read.