September 9, 2011

Here's What Employees Hate About Working at Groupon

Noah Davis, writing for Silicon Alley Insider:

“Working at Groupon, it turns out, is kind of awful.

As in sue-your-employer bad.”

Click through for the discontent.

There were all those unhappy merchants who realized, too late, that by agreeing to cut their prices in half, and give Groupon half or more of what was left, they were selling at a loss to customers who would only walk in the door for a steal (i.e. no repeat business).

Then, last week, Groupon canceled their IPO road show to deal with SEC questions about violating the pre-IPO “quiet period.”

Now Groupon is being sued by their own employees.

It was never a matter of if, or even when. It was a question of how. It’s turning out that Groupon’s business might only succeed by taking from others what they should not, things like employee overtime, a merchant’s Cost of Goods Sold, that sort of thing.

The End is approaching for Groupon. So long, assholes.