September 28, 2011

Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire Tablet Addendum

Marco Arment, writing for

“The Kindle Touch, $99 with ads or $139 with self-respect, has an infrared touch screen, just like the Nook Simple Touch. I have high hopes for this one: this is probably going to be the e-ink reader worth owning for the next year or two.”

I posted a quick blurb about Amazon’s new e-readers and tablet this morning, but I so liked Marco’s way of describing the price difference within each model that I’m linking to his write-up.

Amazon has produced a couple of very nice Kindle upgrades in the Touch e-reader and FIre tablet. The bargain-priced Kindle, well, it probably exists solely to self-up-sell customers to the Touch.

Honestly, though, why would anyone save $40 - $50 in exchange for ads? They’d be paying for the device, then paying time and attention to ads in order to pay more money for content. Just pay the extra $40 and skip the middle step.

Click through for a model and price breakdown, and Marco's witty prose.