September 6, 2011

∴ More OS X Lion: Hey Look, a Bug!

I came across an interesting bug in Lion today. Volume control, whether by keyboard or icon, becomes unavailable after a few hours of use.

The first indication was when a circle-and-slash icon appeared over the on-screen volume control image when I tried lowering my audio volume with F-11. It appeared again when I tried muting the audio with F-10. And again, hitting F-12 to raise the audio volume.

I found the speaker icon, in the top system tray, greyed out and unresponsive. There was apparently no way to control my machine's audio!

I Googled for hints of a bug and found several similar posts on the Apple support forums, so it's safe to say I'm not alone. Many find their audio pinned to level zero, but in my case it becomes stuck to its loudest setting.

I expect this will be an easy fix for Apple, and likely show up in the next version, 10.7.2. Until then it's a little loud around here.