September 15, 2011

Mysterious Multi-Restart Logins Plague File Vault MacBook Users

David W. Martin, writing for Cult of Mac:

"MacBook users are reporting that they are experiencing an issue after installing full disk encryption using File Vault. The problem manifests itself by automatically restarting the MacBook after it is turned on and restarted once already forcing the user to login twice before actually reaching their desk top."

As David reports in an update to his post, the problem appears to manifest for those OS X Lion users who have:

  • updated Mac OS to 10.7.1
  • encrypt their primary boot drive with Apple's FileVault 2
  • installed or updated Parallels to version 7

It appears that the only negative impact (so far) is an automatic re-boot, followed by a second login dialog.

Hit the link for the David's update, which includes links to posts on both the Apple and Parallels support forums.