September 20, 2011

New Census Data Show Just How Screwed the US Middle Class Really Is

The Angry Bureaucrat:

"The Census Bureau released a whole bunch of data on income in the US for 2010 last week. The picture is seriously bleak, especially for the middle and lower classes. Let me show you just how bleak, with a series of charts."

(Via Get the Flick.)

A succinct series of graphs and paragraphs detailing the decline of the American middle- and under-classes that makes very clear the wealth divide without ever mentioning the wealthy.

Short version: middle class income has stagnated, failing to rise at all over the past decade. At the same time, poverty has sharply increased, deep poverty is at an all-time high, and government programs designed to help people avoid poverty are on the chopping block in Washington because of the misguided notion that austerity is a good idea during this recessionary period (it never has been during previous recessionary periods).

Give it a read, then consider how much longer this can continue.