September 7, 2011

Why Carol Bartz Was Fired

Horace Dediu, writing for asymco:

“Which is why Bartz was fired. There is no evidence that she tried to engage in surgery or that there was any therapy process under way during her tenure. The patient, I’m afraid, is still dying.”

Great analysis by Horace Dediu, as usual, of the dismissal of Carol Bartz as CEO of Yahoo!. His usual territory is the mobile device space, and iOS devices in particular, about which he is widely quoted.

The short version of today’s piece: Yahoo! is no better off today than when Bartz was hired, because she didn’t re-tool the company to provide better value to its customers during her tenure. Dediu also provides a clear explanation of what Yahoo!’s product really is: users and their behavior; as well as who their customers are: advertisers.