September 27, 2011

∴ Worth Watching

The new tv season began this past week. Here's one new show worth watching.

Person of Interest is a tight, well-scripted and well-acted mystery. The lead, a damaged, intense ex-special forces operator is guided by an enigmatic technologist to find out why a nearly unknown subject will die in the near future. A dirty cop provides help from inside the police force, while a clean cop hunts for the lead character, himself a suspect in a number of past crimes. The pursued subject changes every week.

There's a hint of Enemy of the State in the imagery and pacing of the show, and a bit of The Minority Report in the plot. The writing is understated, providing only enough detail to keep the plot moving along. The viewer is as much in the dark about where the story is going as the lead character.

It's a quick sixty minutes at the pace of the pilot episode. Hopefully the rest of this show's season is as well-done.