October 28, 2011

Apps Are the New Channels

John Gruber, writing for Daring Fireball:

"Imagine watching a baseball game on a TV where ESPN is a smart app, not a dumb channel. When you’re watching a game, you could tell the TV to show you the career statistics for the current batter. You could ask the HBO app which other movies this actress has been in. Point is: it’d be better for both viewers and the networks if a TV “channel” were an interactive app rather than a mere single stream of video.

Collect them in a Newsstand-like folder on iPhones and iPads, and make them the “home screen” of a future Apple TV."

Gruber nails it. I have a laptop in my lap most evenings to look up stuff like that. Imagine if the TV could do it for me, and I could call for the information by voice using the Siri AI software already available in the iPhone 4s.